I met Catherine and Christopher through their wedding planner, Shannon Whitney from Wedding Planning Plus. (Wedding Planning Plus is based in the Capital District in Upstate New York.) Catherine and Chris were planning to get married at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills in late November (2008), and also wanted to do a engagement portrait session during the preceding Winter.

We decided to do the engagement session near Cazenovia in some park areas around there. Although it was quite cold and Chris had a bad cold(!), it was sunny and our session went quite well. They ended up using one of the photos in the middle of a signing mat for the wedding reception.

The wedding was the weekend after Thanksgiving and I came down a day early because I had a 3-hour drive and didn’t want to try to do it as a “day trip” (6 hours of driving plus 7.5 hours of wedding photography would have been a long 13.5 hour day!)…especially since there was a chance of snow and snowy roads. I got there early enough to attend the rehearsal in the barn; then later that evening, I took some outdoor photos of the grounds at night. Shannon was there for the rehearsal and I had the opportunity to speak to her at length about weddings and wedding planning; she was quite helpful in planning some of the photos for the next day.

The next day, I started at the house where Catherine was getting ready. This was the very best light of the whole day as the sun peeked through the clouds intermittently. It was still quite cold outside, but it got colder and grayer as the day wore on.

Knowing that it would be cold and kind of dark after the ceremony, I photographed formals with the women and then the men before the ceremony. Chris didn’t want to see Catherine in her dress before the ceremony, so we reserved all the group formals containing both of them until after the ceremony.

The ceremony in the barn was rustically lovely and warm. After the ceremony, we did some group formals outside by the creek; then quickly dashed over to the reception tent as Catherine couldn’t take any more of the cold in her lovely, but not very warm wedding dress!

The wedding reception was a lot of fun with lots of dancing. Afterward, everyone moved over to the resort’s Performance Space for some spirited karaoke.

I want to thank Catherine, Chris, and their families for putting on such a great wedding and letting me photograph it! I also want to thank their wedding planner Shannon Whitney for the delightful conversations and the help she provided me; I highly recommend her to any couple in the Capital District planning to have a wedding!